Giving Surgeons the Data They Need to Make Evidence-Based Care Decisions


Reduce unwarranted clinical variation

Compare all your facilities and providers to pinpoint unwarranted clinical variation.


Improve patient outcomes

Identify and implement best practice techniques to achieve more reliable surgical outcomes.


Lower costs

Uncover areas of waste at both the supply chain and clinical care level.

Projected savings of $2.1-10.5M per hospital per year with Empiric Health*

Case Study

How a Clinical Data Revolution Saved $90 Million in Under 5 Years

Using Empiric methodology, Intermountain Healthcare saved $90M in costs for surgical patients over four years. Our program continues to deliver results through supply savings, length of stay reduction and other clinical and operational efficiencies – enabling Intermountain to deliver higher quality through evidence-based care. Read the full case study to learn how we did it.

million saved

Exclusive Technology

Our proprietary technology takes noise out of the data, breaking it into cohorts – unique groupings that compare clinically similar cases to each other to identify areas for improvement.


Surgeon-approved cohorts are used to identify variation in costs & outcomes

More than 360 unique cohort definitions, covering all service lines

Ease of addressing multiple outcomes related to a specific cohort


High-touch Service by OR Professionals

Our Empiricists are experienced perioperative nurses who facilitate clinician-to-clinician discussions to enact meaningful change – leading to improved quality and lower costs.

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