Collaborative Consulting with Clinical Knowledge

Our tech-enabled consulting model is an entirely new approach to healthcare optimization. We hire healthcare experts. Our Empiricists are former operating room nurses with management and analytics expertise. They work closely with the rest of our consulting team who have years of experience working with healthcare providers to improve operations and reduce unwarranted clinical variation.


Face-to-Face Engagement with Clinicians

Our Empiricists speak the language of surgeons and staff, and understand the clinical process inside and out. Our teams collaborate with clinical care teams and front line staff on a regular basis to review and discuss the data, provide valuable insights, make actionable recommendations and support process change.


Fostering Real Culture Change

By fostering long-term relationships, our nurse-based consulting teams drive culture change within the hospital or, if applicable, health system-wide. We engage all members of the clinical care team, as well as other key stakeholders like supply chain and finance, to create or enhance a culture of continuous improvement. Our goal is to empower the clinical team members to identify best practices within a given cohort and to collaborate with their colleagues to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary variation.

Case Study

How a Clinical Data Revolution Saved $90 Million in Under 5 Years

Using Empiric methodology, Intermountain Healthcare saved $90M in costs for surgical patients over four years. Our program continues to deliver results through supply savings, length of stay reduction and other clinical and operational efficiencies – enabling Intermountain to deliver higher quality through evidence-based care. Read the full case study to learn how we did it.

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